Hey Jude

There is a time when my inner serious self should be out to meet someone important in an important meeting, so then here we go when you need that spark. I am an outer person, if you take a look to my wardrobe you’ll find dozen of outer, blazer and white thingy inside. Play pretend this […]

Motherhood Journey #2 : Housewife moment

My change begin with a small convo with my friends, sort of this   We are as a well educated woman should give a 6 star service at home. Even my husband who often stay at 5 star hotel said it’s way comfortable at home than at hotel. Most of the career woman do the […]

Tempat Main Anak Terseru di Bandung [BAHASA]

Beberapa hari lalu saya ikut liburan dadakan sama tim Herbalife kaka saya, saat itu salah satu tujuannya ternyata ke Floating Market. Saya udah pernah sih dulu sama keluarga ke Floating Market kalau penasaran kamu bisa buka lagi di sini. Tapi saya ingat beberapa waktu lalu memang saya lagi ngebet pengen ajak anak nyoba tempat main baru […]

Sweet Good Bye

Before beginn this whole story let’s take a look on where it started HERE, or to make it clear i show you the old pictures when i was accepting this duty.     Now fast forward to the next two years later, where everything has to be ended.     Actually, i have never pictured in […]

Eye to Eye

If you are keep up with my snapgram you must notice i have trouble with my eyesight lately. It started on a sunny sunday where i feel my eyes itchy wether i wear no soft lense the whole day and get poignant as i try to get rid of it by scrub it a bit. But […]

Front Row Label

I am so thrilled on how fast the local fashion revolve and invade, and it such a pride to infuse our support for their hard work and compassion. One of best thing i found around is this top from Front Row Label via Love and Flair. Love and Flair is one of impressive growing retailer […]

Almost 3.0

I have that awkward feeling this week, wonder why my weekly planned post hasn’t pop up anything since. Then after several check and bring myself together i just then realize i am intentionally empty one date regard to my Birthday experience. Wether there’s something i want to post about it. Well, here i am then […]

Mau Kuliah Kemana? [Bahasa]

Sepuluh tahun (lebih) lalu saya berada di posisi kalian, terombang ambing dalam semangat lingkungan dan teman teman dalam proses “hunting” kampus impian. Peer saya sudah banyak waktu itu, pertama : jurusan apa yang saya mau ambil? kedua : kampus mana yang memiliki jurusan yang saya inginkan? ketiga dan maha penting kampusnya dimana? karena saya punya […]

Daily Skincare 101

Well, since everyone often ask me about my daily skincare, today i’m gonna share you mine. I am usually not really like something extra and hard to find (almost everything i get from my pharmacy, the online shop soon to be released), i often fall asleep without wearing my night regime and that’s why i […]