Sweet Good Bye

Before beginn this whole story let’s take a look on where it started HERE, or to make it clear i show you the old pictures when i was accepting this duty.     Now fast forward to the next two years later, where everything has to be ended.     Actually, i have never pictured in […]

Eye to Eye

If you are keep up with my snapgram you must notice i have trouble with my eyesight lately. It started on a sunny sunday where i feel my eyes itchy wether i wear no soft lense the whole day and get poignant as i try to get rid of it by scrub it a bit. But […]

Almost 3.0

I have that awkward feeling this week, wonder why my weekly planned post hasn’t pop up anything since. Then after several check and bring myself together i just then realize i am intentionally empty one date regard to my Birthday experience. Wether there’s something i want to post about it. Well, here i am then […]

Mau Kuliah Kemana? [Bahasa]

Sepuluh tahun (lebih) lalu saya berada di posisi kalian, terombang ambing dalam semangat lingkungan dan teman teman dalam proses “hunting” kampus impian. Peer saya sudah banyak waktu itu, pertama : jurusan apa yang saya mau ambil? kedua : kampus mana yang memiliki jurusan yang saya inginkan? ketiga dan maha penting kampusnya dimana? karena saya punya […]

Leaving A Very Long Road Behind

I don’t know if it’s only me or everyone around feel the same. I feel like 365 days flies nowhere and i am here start to facing another year bounce : 2018. Every end of the year i have an excitement because my birthday is on January so it’s means i have excuse to spoil […]

The Beauty of Making

So sorry for lack of updating my blog and social media feed, i just have small time in between so many crazy deadline that sometimes i only reach snap gram to express my feeling. Recently i am so overwhelmed by the new project i’ve been involved with, making my dream come true. Turns out making […]

Happy Birthday Mom

Well i have actually no special story to tell you by the way. But this noon i feel like i need to write down some word about my mom dedicating to her birthday few days ago. This is a simple reminder every time i have my mom blowing candle, that alhamdulilah Allah still give me time […]

Special post

In the spirit of independence day of Indonesia, I would like to share some value that i think too precious to not share with people. Everybody can be success in their very own way, we can’t compare someone’s journey to another. We have our spot to shine as long as we can find it by […]

Reinventing my direction

I’ve been asked myself for several thousands time what i really want my blog to be. Meet my new muse Vivy Yusof (and her blog too proudduck ), she’s just two years apart from me but has been done zillion amazing things in her life make me want to buried myself in shame of “where the hell […]