Park View Hotel Bandung

At the beginning of December when we celebrate our daughter’s third birthday, we decided to have a short vacation in Bandung. I check all the hotel option and possibility and try to find the right one fit according to our plan. I have in mind to give that morning swimming experience to Freya and of […]

Tempat Main Anak Terseru di Bandung [BAHASA]

Beberapa hari lalu saya ikut liburan dadakan sama tim Herbalife kaka saya, saat itu salah satu tujuannya ternyata ke Floating Market. Saya udah pernah sih dulu sama keluarga ke Floating Market kalau penasaran kamu bisa buka lagi di sini. Tapi saya ingat beberapa waktu lalu memang saya lagi ngebet pengen ajak anak nyoba tempat main baru […]

Farm House-ing

It’s holiday season stretching up from end of December to early January, It’s a festive season to end your hardwork during the year. As i have that mandatory post to give you few clue and references where to go. Here my latest trip when celebrating my daughter’s birthday on early December. Eventually this visit is […]

A day at Kidzoona

I’m not lying when i say a day, because my daughter literally run around this playground for hours that day. It start when everyone (naaaah i mean every mom in town) posting and talking about this new mall in Bandung. And one of the biggest crush is its playground that offer you so many new […]

Life In Bar Of Chocolate

No joke! Long time ago i was captivated by a giant piece of chocolate on my way to Bandung. It’s look yummy from far away and i just wish i can bring it home but nope it’s too big. Few weeks ago on a sunny sunday i was invited to grand launching of “Chocodot World […]

Family Vacation

Vacation is once a million time to come in my family dictionary, we have our strict rule in doing our business : never left them unless it’s really important. And vacation is not consider as important most of the time in our dictionry. So when there’s a time we have one same day to spend […]

My Travel Diary : Safari Trips [Bahasa]

Sebetulnya postingan ini adalah kelanjutan dari Travel Diary saya di bulan Desember saat merayakan ulang tahun kedua anak semata wayang saya. Hari kedua kami berkunjung ke Bogor, tujuan utama kami sebenarnya ke Taman Safari ini, karena Freya sangat senang melihat tayangan Animal Planet sehingga saya dan suami berinisiatif ingin menghadirkan langsung hewan hewan yang ada […]

My Travel Diary : Seaworld Indonesia

This is Freya’s first trip due to her birthday bass, we both decide that for her age it’s better to go somewhere she loves than having celebration as usual (this is our opinion). So because this is our first trip with baby we want to give it a try to nearest spot because Freya never […]


It’s an accident visit to Bandung but I can’t resist to share this post. This is my first time staying at hostel and I pretty much enjoy it. As we know in Bandung they offer you a new way to stay beside in hotel, the place is really good, unique and quite. Really fits you […]