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Me and My Gal

I would thank myself a year ago for put myself together to finally had a gutz to try a blogging area more well prepared. It’s quite sometimes until i get my final decision to play. There’s still long way to go. To learn, to develop to find the ultimate way better than before. In a very saturated industry we need to have that authentic voices differentiate us from one another. Truthfully i still figure out my voices by endless count of try and error.

What I love the most about blogging is meeting so many talented millennials that teach me a lot, teach me new things.This time i would like to introduce you to my best friend, we have mutual crush each other so bad. Meet my camera!

I got it two years ago when throwing my bday and since then i never look back. This time i give her place in front of lenses, even not all my blog content taken by her but still she’s the one taking the most of my photography and blogging journey. Finding perfect match in our life is hard so when you find one be sure you take care of her well.











  White shirt – Zara
Long Skirt – Sole Mio 
Denim Jacket – Bangkok Market 
Shoes – Stradivardius

Captured by Shofwan