Eye to Eye

If you are keep up with my snapgram you must notice i have trouble with my eyesight lately. It started on a sunny sunday where i feel my eyes itchy wether i wear no soft lense the whole day and get poignant as i try to get rid of it by scrub it a bit.Β But […]

Front Row Label

I am so thrilled on how fast the local fashion revolve and invade, and it such a pride to infuse our support for their hard work and compassion. One of best thing i found around is this top from Front Row Label via Love and Flair. Love and Flair is one of impressive growing retailer […]

Almost 3.0

I have that awkward feeling this week, wonder why my weekly planned post hasn’t pop up anything since. Then after several check and bring myself together i just then realize i am intentionally empty one date regard to my Birthday experience. Wether there’s something i want to post about it. Well, here i am then […]

Mau Kuliah Kemana? [Bahasa]

Sepuluh tahun (lebih) lalu saya berada di posisi kalian, terombang ambing dalam semangat lingkungan dan teman teman dalam proses “hunting” kampus impian. Peer saya sudah banyak waktu itu, pertama : jurusan apa yang saya mau ambil? kedua : kampus mana yang memiliki jurusan yang saya inginkan? ketiga dan maha penting kampusnya dimana? karena saya punya […]

Daily Skincare 101

Well, since everyone often ask me about my daily skincare, today i’m gonna share you mine. I am usually not really like something extra and hard to find (almost everything i get from my pharmacy, the online shop soon to be released), i often fall asleep without wearing my night regime and that’s why i […]

Let Her Blow The Candle

It’s December 6th three years ago i gave birth to Freya and it still feel like a moment ago and now we are preparing our third time giving her moment to remember. Why moment? Because for me a birthday is a memoar of days left we enjoy to do something we need to fulfill in […]

Top 5 Fashion Post From 2017

It’s new day in 2018 but there’s nothing wrong in taking a moment to look back on wonderful year we’ve been trough. We have round up your favorite look among all fashion post i make in 2017. It’s eventually fun to play dress up and serve you look that may be your references. I am […]

Leaving A Very Long Road Behind

I don’t know if it’s only me or everyone around feel the same. I feel like 365 days flies nowhere and i am here start to facing another year bounce : 2018. Every end of the year i have an excitement because my birthday is on January so it’s means i have excuse to spoil […]

Farm House-ing

It’s holiday season stretching up from end of December to early January, It’s a festive season to end your hardwork during the year. As i have that mandatory post to give you few clue and references where to go. Here my latest trip when celebrating my daughter’s birthday on early December. Eventually this visit is […]