Do you have ever had that one fashion item you want to wear so bad but you have so many concern before adopt it? Me? yes! with the fringe skirt. I have obsessed with fringe since so many designer make amazing gown with fringe in Oscar 2016s. But to have one is really difficult. So […]

Happiest Day

This must be one of my longest post so far, since I have a lot in mind to tell you about how I spend my birthday this year. Last 22nd Jan I never expect anything, any celebration or expect any surprises. I have few appointment and work to be done on sunday (my birthday) I […]

Amazing 27

Turning 27 never been as this exciting. Saya dan suami memiliki kebiasaan untuk menyambut hari jadi masing masing dengan sebaik baiknya. Entah itu dalam bentuk memberikan hadiah yang pasangan idam idamkan atau membuat moment yang akan selalu indah untuk dikenang. Tahun ini saya betul betul dibikin menganga sama suami. He turns into someone I almost not recognize. […]