Dengan adanya media sosial dan perkembangan zaman kita bisa bersyukur bahwa sekarang traveling ramah untuk setiap orang. Banyak cara untuk kita bisa pergi ke tempat impian entah itu di dalam ataupun luar negeri dengan perencanaan matang semua mungkin terjadi dan dengan sedikit keberuntungan keberuntungan semua bisa terwujud. Jika berbicara tempat impian yang ingin dituju jujur […]


Sebenarnya postingan soal alasan kenapa ngeblog sudah pernah saya post di tanggal 2 November kemarin tapi berhubung saya lagi ikut Challenge Blogger Perempuan dan takutrnya orang jadi bingung ini maksudnya gimana ada topik sama tapi deketan akhirnya dengan berat hati saya hapus postingan lama dan kemudian kita bikin pembaharuan di sini. Sebelumnya trigger saya bikin […]


Topik ini lahir secara alami dimanapun kapanpun saya ngobrol sama teman. Sering kita bingung kerja keras bagai kuda tapi kemudian saat akhir tahun ga ada uang yang nyangkut di tabungan. Seketika bingung dan sedih saat itu juga. Untuk menghibur hati kadang saya suka baca meme ala ala di beauty blogger atau fashion enthusiast atau dari […]


Denim and patches. Patches is fulfill our life with joy and expression. Perhaps it’s begin when Gucci put her signature embroidery patch on their iconic bags (dyonisius for sure). By then many street brand especially Zara adapt it and put them on almost everything, and it’s turn out fabulous. You have several option to have this kinda […]


Confidence is about being yourself without anyone’s approval, saying this is who I am without worrying is it okay with another perspective. As it do on fashion if we are focus enough we will just realise it’s not always about the outfit that make you look good but self esteem inside. I am also have […]

Me and My Gal

I would thank myself a year ago for put myself together to finally had a gutz to try a blogging area more well prepared. It’s quite sometimes until i get my final decision to play. There’s still long way to go. To learn, to develop to find the ultimate way better than before. In a very […]

Tie it up

Hai there, long time no see! After take a break for few weeks to figure out several things finally I am back to share you what i love the most : styling. Actually this is an old shoot I took few months ago due to hectic schedule and project I am doing this recent time […]

Fury Friends

Pink and its variation is one of my top list color and oh that bell sleeves lately, but newest addition may be my most favorite. My fury strappy shoes. I have a bit long story with heels until I find the best shape fit my shoes and I am comfort wear it. I used to […]

Coffee please

There’s always time for coffee, like cars somehow body need to refuel to get back on track (my version of coffee perhaps is smoothie or green tea milk because i don’t drink coffee haha). Well, by the way you know how much I obsess with white and slouchy thingy, so this time I play up […]