Dancing at Pasabag Turkiye

Welcome to my fashion spread (again). As i start to write in Bahasa for this past year, some of you may miss me in the old vibe. After deep concideration and numerous blocking moment i hope this post will light up your day and give you bunch positive vibes. And off course come back here […]


There’s always time when you are colour coordinating everything. And for me today i want to have pink all around, since i have my new boots and blazer match today. The blazer actually come in a set with the pants and few beauty blogger has ever worn it charmingly in an event. So when i […]


Today mark my second year launching my blog profesionally. For that i want to present something special for all of you my dearest reader. I may have been check my bucket list as a writer, blogger but become the succesfull one is still far from my journey. People write for several reason if it is […]

Happy Girl In Amasya

As you may know i visited Turkey last few months, and one city captured my heart the most is Amasya, it’s a city that has calm moment. If Istanbul were Jakarta well Amasya perhaps a bit like Malang or Bandung.  As like other places around Turkey Amasya as well has that rocky theme around and […]

Tempat Ketiga

As you knew (if you are keep up with my snapgram) i was there at the Grand Opening of Tempat Ketiga, new baby bussiness of my dear cousin Teh Ane. So dont get me wrong i am not that famous or worthy (as i wrote this post pms is strike me so hard so dont […]

Hey Jude

There is a time when my inner serious self should be out to meet someone important in an important meeting, so then here we go when you need that spark. I am an outer person, if you take a look to my wardrobe you’ll find dozen of outer, blazer and white thingy inside. Play pretend this […]

Front Row Label

I am so thrilled on how fast the local fashion revolve and invade, and it such a pride to infuse our support for their hard work and compassion. One of best thing i found around is this top from Front Row Label via Love and Flair. Love and Flair is one of impressive growing retailer […]

Scarf and Hat

I swear by, first blogger wear this kind of hat is Anastasia Sinter before anyone else adopt it, i even start to look for the similar hat at any seller provide that kind of hat wether i still gambling wether it will look good on me or obviously ridiculous, because we can’t hide the hair […]

Eid Adha

Eid Adha is one of big celebration for moslem family. For each and every moslem doing Haji is one of their bucket list (so do i off course) I just pray next year when god still give me time to live on his world i would have the opportunity to share many great story to […]