Speak of the devil Gown is become my addiction for the last two months. After having Raya i’ve been busy making so many gown for so many occasion till my sister said i must have given reward or something for having so many gown to make in my tailor. Don’t blame me but this wedding […]


Today mark my second year launching my blog profesionally. For that i want to present something special for all of you my dearest reader. I may have been check my bucket list as a writer, blogger but become the succesfull one is still far from my journey. People write for several reason if it is […]


It’s no secret Pink is another element in my life, when i pack my bag to sleep here never have i ever think my outfit would be that much with the hotel interior so why don’t we take couple of photos for you. The story of the top begin when we realize that Fur top […]

Hey Jude

There is a time when my inner serious self should be out to meet someone important in an important meeting, so then here we go when you need that spark. I am an outer person, if you take a look to my wardrobe you’ll find dozen of outer, blazer and white thingy inside. Play pretend this […]