Pleats pants

Casual Pleats

Ada masanya kita pengen pake baju casual tapi gak mau keliatan terlalu santai. Satu trik yang selalu ampuh adalah menambahkan tekstur dan corak berlainan. Bayangannya kaya baju yang aku pake saat ini, dasarnha adalah kemeja dengan aksen ruffle di belakang sehingga menambahkan aksen feminim. Jujur aku lebih suka pake atasan yang longgar karena membuat sirkulasi […]

Dancing at Pasabag Turkiye

Welcome to my fashion spread (again). As i start to write in Bahasa for this past year, some of you may miss me in the old vibe. After deep concideration and numerous blocking moment i hope this post will light up your day and give you bunch positive vibes. And off course come back here […]

Modest Fashion Photography

Going 30 In Style

Gak pernah terbayang dalam pikiran saya bahwa tiba tiba saja saya harus mengakhiri perjalanan saya dalam usia 20an. I feel like hey is there any numbers left in betwen 29 to 30 since i want to stay on my 20s. But here i am entering 30 with a bit dizziness. Saya gak tahu apakah saya […]


Denim and patches. Patches is fulfill our life with joy and expression. Perhaps it’s begin when Gucci put her signature embroidery patch on their iconic bags (dyonisius for sure). By then many street brand especially Zara adapt it and put them on almost everything, and it’s turn out fabulous. You have several option to have this kinda […]


Confidence is about being yourself without anyone’s approval, saying this is who I am without worrying is it okay with another perspective. As it do on fashion if we are focus enough we will just realise it’s not always about the outfit that make you look good but self esteem inside. I am also have […]


It’s no secret Pink is another element in my life, when i pack my bag to sleep here never have i ever think my outfit would be that much with the hotel interior so why don’t we take couple of photos for you. The story of the top begin when we realize that Fur top […]

Hey Jude

There is a time when my inner serious self should be out to meet someone important in an important meeting, so then here we go when you need that spark. I am an outer person, if you take a look to my wardrobe you’ll find dozen of outer, blazer and white thingy inside. Play pretend this […]

Scarf and Hat

I swear by, first blogger wear this kind of hat is Anastasia Sinter before anyone else adopt it, i even start to look for the similar hat at any seller provide that kind of hat wether i still gambling wether it will look good on me or obviously ridiculous, because we can’t hide the hair […]

Eid Adha

Eid Adha is one of big celebration for moslem family. For each and every moslem doing Haji is one of their bucket list (so do i off course) I just pray next year when god still give me time to live on his world i would have the opportunity to share many great story to […]