Cami Dress

I know this cami thang is seen on everybody everywhere since Kylie wore it at Coachella last year, the modification is getting wild day by day from the length (you can choose between it as top or dress) and the fabric (velvet, cotton) cutting (with slit or without) and colors (from basic to pop up). […]

White Ball

This look is inspired by Fendi last show in Milan that I show you on my snapgram story. It’s originally combination of fur blazer, pleats skirt, gold belt and over the knee boots. On one occasion I try to put it together as another option when you need to attend formal occasion, and off course […]

Shades of Grey

Sweater is one must have basic on our list, but how to make it another statement without too much effort? You can pick one bold color with loose cutting, me here wearing my old gray sweater and for some accent I layer it up with a shawl, it’s not Mcqueen but somehow remind us on […]


Lace is one of trending fabric that been putting anywhere, I find this top accidentally by seeing a friend of mine picture, ask where to buy it and it turns out she made it for retail so I buy one for me. One tips for creating a look is deciding one key center than you […]

Biker Suede

My hometown Garut is well known for its leather center and production. Recently I’m in love with my friend’s work for leather @oryzaleather they have shown up an uplift stage for leather jacket fans especially the young one. When I tell the story to my husband, secretly he buy me one for my birthday so […]

Cool Book Worm

Everyone has their own inner nerd and sometimes being isolated from the world is one of best time to reconnecting your real self again, All you need is just a good book and comfy place. Well being nerd sometimes can be cool for some reason, especially when you think look good is like mother nature, […]

Warm Sunday

Thanks to Mas Lulu Lutfi who made Lurik look real awesome, and I am here adopt one of his signature look Drop Top. It can be used with various way in every occasion from your formal, semi formal even for play. As previous post months ago I style drop top with skirt, now I pair […]

One Fine Day for Gardening

One thing I really love in dressing beside classic is cultural. It is like wearing a bandage on your head, speaking fashion language without saying a word. This kinda top is originally made and popular by Lulu Lutfi, an authentic Yogyakarta designer and become one of best trend nowadays. Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to […]

Rumput Yang Lebih Hijau

Halo semua Dirgahayu ke 71 INDONESIA ! Kali ini tulisan saya dibuat spesial dalam spirit kemerdekaan. Kali ini saya ingin menularkan semangat dan aura positif untuk banyak anak Indonesia yang saya tahu menyimpan sejuta bakat yang akan sangat bersinar jiga diasah dan diarahkan dengan baik. Bagaimana menjadi rumput yang lebih hijau? Iya, rumput yang lebih hijau yang banyak […]