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Do you have ever had that one fashion item you want to wear so bad but you have so many concern before adopt it?

Me? yes! with the fringe skirt. I have obsessed with fringe since so many designer make amazing gown with fringe in Oscar 2016s. But to have one is really difficult. So when i see one my heart is scream so hard that i need to adopt it real quick. The thing is, it is white and white is quite tricky to wear. 

One fine night i was invited by my business mentor slash an always good friend of mine in his company birthday (and his birthday also but i just knew when arrived at the venue and bring nothing, how bad i am as a friend 🙁 ) with dress code said white, yellow or green.

Perfect for my fringe skirt to make an entrance. You know that semi formal occasion somehow very tricky, you want to look polished but not so planned polish. You want to look effortlessly chic. After so many mix and match on the day finally here is my look. so whatcha thing?

By the way at the night i was nominated as Best Dressed and get the cake as the gift. It is a great start for my fringe skirt to make a debut don’t you think? haha. Being recognise for something good is one best thing one can get.

Happy birthday for PT TAMA COKELAT INDONESIA and Kang Kiki once again. Thanks for having us.



Fringe Skirt : Laguna Sidney via Fashion Valet
Clutch : No Brand
Shoes : Mel and Molly via Fashion Valet 

Captured by : Sayyid