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Happy Birthday Mom

Well i have actually no special story to tell you by the way.

But this noon i feel like i need to write down some word about my mom dedicating to her birthday few days ago. This is a simple reminder every time i have my mom blowing candle, that alhamdulilah Allah still give me time to be with my mom.

Sometimes we give her present by collecting our money and buy something she craving, mostly on idul Fitri. One day we have ever want to give her apple watch she wanted for months. Even when we told her it’s not suitable her age and her not-so-technology-friendly she insist to have that apple watch.

So we (six of her son) collecting money and send it to my youngest sister who has plan to visit japan. We want to surprise her by giving her apple watch secretly. I don’t know how it goes but my mom finally find out before we even can buy it. And her reaction pretty much slap us on the face.

My mom is crying!





Seriously CRYING!



















We were so confuse what make it wrong to buy her something she wants?

She’s a woman who rarely put in tears even when the saddest story come to her life or big obstacle hit her. She’s the one with strongest heart and high determination. So see her crying is shocked us. My mom once replied along her tears


“Mommy can buy that watch by myself, no need to buy me. Mama don’t want all of you to buy me that watch. Mama just want you all to give me your love and care more..That’s enough for me”


Once and for all i was freeze and so does my sisters and brother i guess. I know me busy to grow up and mostly forget my mom is growing old. Grow old and much more sensitive. And all she need is just love not all fancy things we think will make her happy.. We just have no word, say deepest apologies to her and hug her.


In every step we take in every success we made, we always know it is because of her pray to Allah. We won’t buy you anything you discomfort mom, will give you most things you need,  our time and care.


Happy birthday Mom.



And of course we love you too pap, wish you were here with us 🙂



Love from your fifth stubborn daughter,