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Today mark my second year launching my blog profesionally. For that i want to present something special for all of you my dearest reader. I may have been check my bucket list as a writer, blogger but become the succesfull one is still far from my journey. People write for several reason if it is for fame and money (only) perhaps i would have been stop right away but for me writing is my remedy i want to leave my legacy based on what i love to do the most that one day i could be proud to call it Passion. So let this blog be my source of happiness like a kid like to buy candy to make themshelves happy.

Well let me tell you a bit story about this shoot. I was freaked out when first time i saw my picture. Yes like you do even me is surprisingly stun and amaze with the result. It’s windy and so cold when i did the shoot even everyone wear thick coat EXCEPT ME for this to die for shoot. It’s below 10 degree in Spring season, i remembered that day i pray so hard that i will have this magical hot air baloon moment with me or else everything will be just still a dream because on April it still an adaptative time from winter to spring sometimes the wind didn’t nice to you. Even few of my friend failed to enjoy their Baloon moment.

We go from the hotel around 5 AM to catch first sunset…

And as you can see from my behind the scene blog that you can also read here, the place is over the top beautiful. And lucky me with the touch of Kursat’s magical hand it went much more dreamy than my wildest imagination.

Never have i ever imagine could go and had such opportunity, but when you believe on your dream the universe will conspire to make it come true. Dream do come true.

And by the way thank you so much for you who spend your time reading this, for always supporting this girl who put all of her mind on this petite second room. I hope we’ll have this journey forever in our life :).















Wardrobe and Styled by me
Helped by Mbak Yogiswari and Mom

Captured by : Kursat via Sweet Escape