Travel Diary


Where do i start first?

Okay perhaps a picture of  a bird around would help, haha.


This is about my travel journey around and this time i share you place nearby my home you can visit when you come to Garut. Told you i am rarely going far away from home. Consider this is an adventure of two young girl exploring the world. From the rabbit challenge to small horse ride (i wonder is it young horse or poney but consider his bang is not that thick i guess it is a young horse) to pedicab papa ride.

Actually this is not an usual playroom like other, no it is not mean to be a place where you plan to spend a lot of activity there, but i personally appreciate the owner and team who build a dreamy family place here. As you may just order your favorite food you can enjoy every facilities they offer. And here are our journey…



















Can you guess where i am by the food?


This actually my mother in law surprise super late bday which i also forget and my husband too, but thank you for the rest of the family for saving the day.



Liwet Asep Stroberi Cimaragas

Jl. Cimaragas No.95, Ngamplangsari, Cilawu, Ngamplangsari, Cilawu, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat 44181

(0262) 238986


See you another adventure. Love,