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My First Photograph With My Daughter

Short story today I put myself back to myself two years before, when Freya still on my womb and everyone drawn on excitement waiting her arrival. I gave birth to her on the beginning of December so this post is like my awakening memory road to her birthday. I decide to have maternity photo back in the day although It quit chalenging since the time of having photoshoot is really close to my due date and i need extra effort to find perfect outfit to make me comfort both when i’m wearing it and fit my style.




One funny moment is when the team didn’t expect I’m having my 36 weeks preggo and guess it just 6 months old and they suggest to postphone my photoshoot because my belly is not big enough. We were laughing when saying we are counting days to welcome our baby.Thanks to my tiny preggo belly haha.









img_9227 img_9223









Today the baby is almost two years already, I tell her not to grow fast but when I blink my eyes she’s growing up already. Every moment being a mom is a huge blessing for me. I never thought I would have something perfect in my life until she arrive and make my world perfect.

Dear Freya when you read this post someday I hope you realize how much mommy daddy love you even when we haven’t met you yet. And every day mark your birthday is a memory how happy we are to be given little angel from the sky.

Attire : Ali Nurahman and Aneuku Gallery
Makeup and hijab stylist : Ginna Susant
Husband’s Suit and Tie : Private Collection

Photographed by : Mostra Kiddy
Decoration : Fuchsia Decoration

All The Love,