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My Sequined Accessories

Actually this is not the first time I do a LOT experiment with my nail. This time I do 3D nail art (if I can say since I do it myself and as an amateur) with sequin on it, when i go to the meeting suddenly everyone’s eyes is on my nail and then i just realise my nail get that much attention i never imagine before.




Well the hype of this luxury nail polish brand actually has long gone, 2 or 3 years ago you can find it anywhere on online beauty shop but now I can’t see even one. This brand specialise in having 3D nail by yourself, on the top of your nail you have few option beside sequin (that you can see on this post) which is caviar, velvet and many more.

Few days ago I clean up my drawer and find this one and randomly want to rock it once again. This kit consist of 3 piece :  nail polish (pinkish clear), the sequin, and brush. It’s quite easy to do, first you put your nail polish on then dap on the sequin, press it to put the sequin on the right place then brush the excess ones. Wait 5-10 minutes to dry perfectly and voila you have your nail rock already.






The truth is to do all the step are quite hard, first the mess with the bling and the nail polish and the half dry that get sticky. Thanks god I have a manly muscular husband whose really good in doing art thing and he willingly to help me put this bling on. So point no one you need (definitely) a help or you’l get drawn by the bling over you.

Second one is the feeling after you have extended layer on your nail that can stuck everywhere you bring your hand with, even when I change my cloth it become harder than before. And last when you do some dirty work (hmm this sound not good but I have no more option to describe) such as washing your cloths a little or do your dishes you’ll end up crying since you’ll lost quite much of your sequin.






Above them all this nail polish kit is amazing and captured every attention when you have special occasion to go with. Just get used to faster so you’ll have your mood good even your nail stuck up somewhere else.

When your nails are part of your outfit, they become more than nails, they become an accessory. So make sure you bring out the best one.

Love always,