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One Fine Day for Gardening

One thing I really love in dressing beside classic is cultural. It is like wearing a bandage on your head, speaking fashion language without saying a word. This kinda top is originally made and popular by Lulu Lutfi, an authentic Yogyakarta designer and become one of best trend nowadays. Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to have his collection wish one day could meet him in person and  wear his masterpiece.

One day fortune knock my door by a package from a best friend of mine, she made me the exact same drop inspired by the master. It bring me to tears actually and couldn’t be happier. Here how I style mine.



img_2691     003a-ys     img_2689

For make it way casual i style it with comfy shoes instead of heels. It give u quite edgy look, elegant and modern at the same time. Bring a flap bag let the dress make it grand entrance and enjoying the spotlight. For night or some event more formal wear a strap shoes that still show your legs a bit.







img_2583      img_2581     img_2578



Custom made Drop Top and skirt
Stradivardius Shoes
Chanel Flap Bag

Captured by : Fanzi Indrawn
Creative dir : Kiki Syarief

Lots of Love