Daily Skincare 101

Well, since everyone often ask me about my daily skincare, today i’m gonna share you mine. I am usually not really like something extra and hard to find (almost everything i get from my pharmacy, the online shop soon to be released), i often fall asleep without wearing my night regime and that’s why i make it quite simple but fulfill my need. This is way simpler than my weekly treatment i ever share you by snap gram, i only do it once or twice in a week.  Here i divide them into two phase, Cleansing and Nurturing and don’t worry they pretty much affordable (I’m not that high maintenance guys)



Lately i read latest Huda Beauty post about skincare, and one i remember is when you have makeup on daily please do Double Cleansing. 

  • Pretty much i start my day with double step cleansing with Ponds, I have ever change into Viva Bengkoang but my skin break out a bit then i switch to my old cleanser and all when normal.


  • I start to wash my face with warm water using St Ivest Scrub two to three times in a week, mix it up with Dark Angel (not using this often because it cleanse deep but make my skin a bit dry). Dark angel is like paste, i let it for a while like a mask while i do anything else then wash and clean my face.


  • Last clean my face with facial wash, i love this Ponds Pure White Facial Wash because it contain with charcoal that famous to deep clean our pores. So when i don’t use the St Ives and Dark Angel i use this facial wash twice then rinse with towel.




Some of the item in this beauty regimen is not change from the last time i post my daily skincare long time ago. Because when it come to my holygrail i hard to substitute and always make a repurchase but once a while i change them when my skin is too sick of them and stop making progress. Well i give you a sneak peak also how i wear them in order

  • Aloe Eye Roller and dr Dewayani Acne toner and cream if you are prefer to use the public brand you may have to try Mario Badescu Clearing Lotion. 


  • Then i spray my face with Evian Spring Water Spray (i often use in between this and Avene both are my favorite) i consider to try La Roche Posay Spray but haven’t had time to buy it, perhaps you will see it on my next skincare post. The water hydrate your face more and help you with burning cause and skin problem. This also safe even for baby.


  • After that I’m using Pixi Glow Tonic, first bottle i spend i am so mesmerize by the fact it reduce my pimple and make it glow just the next day. So then i switch my SKII Fitera into this. I use it right with my hand when everyone else using cotton pad. Just to make myself sure i don’t waste any drop because it cost a bit expensive hahahaha. I just find another alternatif The Ordinary Glycolic Acid (cheaper price with more intense concentrate of substance) that i want to try after i run out this bottle, and will inform you how it works compare to Pixi soon.


  • My holy grail serum of all time Kiehls Midnight Recovery Serum we have on off relationship but i always comeback to her at last haha. This serum may have different result on others since some of my friend tell different story about how this serum work for them. For me it works like magic, this serum make my skin feel so soft and hydrated. The price is quite pricey but usual for serum, since we only use 2-3 drops every use it will last months till a year to be run out. Next post i would share you other way affordable serum that work on me.


  • After serum i always have this cream on my face, you can see my other post about this Egyptian Magic Cream here it works like magic in the next morning make your skin glow and so soft and also this product is safe for pregnant woman. But you have to stand with the sticky texture it have because it basically like enriched vaseline, and the smell is not good for those who are sensitive with scent (husband keep complaining every night).


  • Then to sealed of all my skincare Laneige Water Sleeping Mask some ever said to me sleeping mask is like the sealed of all your skincare to penetrate on your skin and make it work better. The smell is soft and it’s water textured so i have no problem with them, This product also have various result on different person because my sister complain on it and say this not work at all on her dry skin. But for me work like magic, i usually use this every two days.


  • Las but not least lip balm, i have no specific brand for balm, but since high school i am a fan of The Body Shop Born Lippy especially their strawberry flavour.


  • Have a good sleep by then.


That’s all of my daily skincare i hope this will help you to get preference which product may be your next potential holy grail. Not all product work for me will work for you but i hope my review will help because everything i write about product is guaranteed have been tested for month and i proud it myself.

In seeing skincare result you need to be extra patient because we can see the result after at least month of using. And sometimes after you stick to one brand your skin stop getting better because of “boring” and i sometimes switch the product to stimulate my skin.

For some cases i still go to doctor for consultation sometimes, and do extraction because i usually do and feel unsatisfied when i don’t. Just remember skincare is not always about expensive product but your consistensy in you using them and truly find what best work for you (truly understand about your skin condition and it problem). After all of my skincare step i share please have a good quality sleep, avoiding too much stressbe happy and don’t forget to drink enough water, give yourself a try on drink more see the result on your body and skin, and….thank me later.



All Product i get from my own pharmacy or else oxblood (my soon to be released online beauty shop).