Milk Over Meal

So this is perhaps one of my motherhood journey in raising my lil princess. Here come the story.

This last few months my daughter ship her milk better than her meal. As i ever told you she can drink about 2-3 bottle in one time (240 ml bottle once), but so hard to eat her meal even more something called rice. Something every parent in Indonesia consider as meal, everything should be accompany with rice or else is it not mention as meal.

I have ever read a long explanation in many mother’s group and forum about how we can’t put all those together as the same. Kids is a little human they are like us, have their own taste on food and perhaps this indicate my daughter doesn’t like rice.

One day i read Elizabeth Jennifer post about mixing her son’s milk with baby food or porridge to raise the calories of it. You can read it in here, i find her page is really useful for my daily motherhood journey and as our kids age gap is not really far away so it’s real match my latest problem. I like mimistas who has real tough and not so idealistic on picture and seems like she’s the perfect mom and the rest is bad and worse.

So one day i try to buy one box of baby food as seen on her photo (Cerelac),  i can’t find the flavor she use in the picture so i ended up with Red rice flavor instead. As soon as i got home i try it on my daughter’s milk bottle. I put one spoon of cereal for 3 spoon of milk powder (for 120ml) since on the post she didn’t mention the exact portion so i made some experiment.

With all the pray and wish i give it to my daughter and the result is….

voila! she didn’t even notice anything different.

HAHAHHAHHAA Yes! I made it!

I try the second time as if the first one is just my lucky shot, and the result is still the same she ship her milk without noticing anything. Yeaaaaa she can milk anytime without mommy worrying her calories.

On another time when i try to buy another flavor of baby food there’s only left “Apple, Orange, Banana” so i try it on the next time and voila….

She… refuse it!

“Mommy this is not delicious”


Okey she clearly notice something on her milk and throw it away. well next time don’t buy that flavour noted. As i directly when on the market and search another flavor she might like, finally i got handed (almost) the flavor that listed on Mom Eliz post “cereal and prune” instead of with dates (kurma). Well i try this one and surprise this work.

For the last few weeks this is become our habit, to mix the milk with cereal. On second thought i think its good for her to have oat for her digest system and developing time. My husband even insist to double the dose (he’s a fan of anything with thick concentrate). When she ship the milk with cereal she consume less milk than usual, she struggle to finish one bottle because it is very filling her stocmach. So beside i have my daughter ship better calories i save my milk budget too (even tough still not very significant). Don’t get me wrong,  for her ages (almost 3 years old) milk is just side food like adults do. So when i have this trick make her less consume milk of course i am happy.

This is perhaps an old trick descending from another parent from long time ago, it works for me and i hope this work for you too. Happy to share it


Much Love,

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  1. Nana malah kebalikannya, Teh. Diumurnya dia yang pokoknya kan susu, makanan cuma pendamping tapi dia justru lebih doyan makan drpd mimik.

    1. bagus atuh nu kalau gitu, freya picky eater tapi kuat banget minum susu makanya diakalain ginin hihi

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