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How To Stay At Star Hotel For Less

That time i have to accompany my nephew and elder sister to have her son’s psichology’s test for determining which major he will took in Uni give me a Lot of story to tell. I feel a bit sorry for my sister because she has to carry three of us instead of one hahaha (sorry sis). So at the day we wonder where to stay because we have no relatives to take us, so we decide to go to hotel.

On our way to Bandung we busy to discuss which hotel could be comfortable enough because we will just like hang there a second to sleep then go very early the next morning so we won’t have to spend a lot more for short stay. We decide to have around 300k budget for max or around. I am very seriously picking things up because mostly based on my experience hotel with short of that budget mostly spooky or old. So the keyword we do is finding new hotel with the budget  at least usually they get a bit unspacious but we can tolerate that.

The test will be held at Simpang Dago but our choices is located at Pasteur so we finger crossed tomorrow won’t be so busy that we can make it on time. Finally i decide to book two room via app and go sleep along the way. When we arrived at the hotel i just so shocked, it is way more good that we thought before even i double check if i have the wrong direction. But lucky us when i proceed to check in the receptionist is very welcome that i have no wrong place to book. And here’s a glimpse of the clue before i reveal where i stay that day.



More shock when we wake up the next morning, the breakfast is soo good and they have wide variety of food to serve, even for omelette they serve us so we don’t need to que like we always do in another hotel when craving omelette which is for me a very good point.










I even took few shoot around before leaving hotel since there are a lot of instagramable spot to take. So here what i can say about this hotel

  • Spacious and clean
  • Good food and has wide variety of food
  • They have shuttle bus that can deliver you to hotel straight from airport if you are from outside Bandung
  • Swimming pool with cold water and play room (i have no time to take a photo in there sorry)
  • Very very reasonable price but you get a LOT

Guess where it is?


V Hotel and Residence

Jl. Terusan Sutami III, Setrasari, Bandung 40163 West Java Indonesia

☎. +62 22 2006789

wa. +62 821 1000 2200


Last but not least make sure you book it via Traveloka to get amazing prices. And this trip is supported by my sister so thank you so much for her, send many loves. haha

Have fun!, Love,