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It’s no secret Pink is another element in my life, when i pack my bag to sleep here never have i ever think my outfit would be that much with the hotel interior so why don’t we take couple of photos for you.

The story of the top begin when we realize that Fur top is on high demand lately (fake one off course) and i am one who have that passionate in wear it also so i tell my friend to buy me one. BUT buying something online always come up with extra surprise, my top is a bit shorter. I am usually wear top that cover up my bottom so when have this come feel like you’re ready for Coachella.

I can’t

please don’t punish me with another short crop top.


So i have this idea, why don’t we put this top over high waste wide leg pants. I will have way more comfortable in it. Well, here my experiment result then.












So what you think about that?

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