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Park View Hotel Bandung

At the beginning of December when we celebrate our daughter’s third birthday, we decided to have a short vacation in Bandung. I check all the hotel option and possibility and try to find the right one fit according to our plan. I have in mind to give that morning swimming experience to Freya and of course do visit new place. After checking so many option. finally we decide to have a night spend in Park View Hotel. This hotel has amazing interior that bring you back to Paris and…you may see it yourself and judge.














  1. Book via Traveloka because it’s a Lot cheaper, and if you have a lot of point in it do use it to cut the price a lot more.
  2. Do take pictures tons of it all around the hotel, almost everything about this hotel is super pretty so you better bring your camera and your “A” game outfit and do tons of OOTD for your stock and you wont regret.
  3. Do enjoy the weekend swimming session because thankfully they have warm water on weekend and it’s depth is very short so my daughter could walk around and try to swim a bit. You better add some floatie to make it way more fun, i borrow mine that time from Bandung Floatie and they delivered it to the hotel at time, if you are interested you can check their instagram here.
  4. Eat all the dishes when breakfast session because you know what?the food is really good. You can also enjoy your breakfast by the pool as you see your kid swimming around. There’s a very large range of food they offer to enjoy and all of them is delicious especially their roasted baby potato. Too bad i cannot take the pictures when breakfast because at the morning i’m so rushed by my daughter who want to swim immediately.
  5. Park View is located in the center of everything good around Sukajadi, make sure you visit PVJ, Kedai Ling Ling for their ramen and dessert (you can just walk), Zen reflexiology, Junction 8 and many more. The thing separate you is just traffic around.
  6. Do visit many play arena along the way Lembang, you just need to drive straight few kilo, if it’s not too crowded you may arrive in Farm House around 10-15 minutes but if it’s traffic jam attack you have to take a lot of patient pill.



  1. Don’t smoke in all of area except they say so. When you first check in, the front officer will tell you right away about their fine policy. And they make the announcement very clear in the room as well. So better not to smoke or spend another 2 mio for having your “breaks rule”.
  2. Don’t order additional mineral water because it cost you twenty five grand for a bottle of 600 ml bottle (for me a mother with super tight budget it’s not a good spending haha).
  3. They have small parking area and somehow a bit narrow, even it feel uncomfortable but thankfully they have valet for free.




That’s my experience of having a night at parisian (hotel) hope it help you when need a nice place to go. Have a nice staycation.




Experience Paris at the city of Paris Van Java

Jl. Sukajadi 153, Bandung, 40162 Indonesia

☎ 022-203 3424