Best Foundation On Budget

What’s your fav foundation?

I used to have that under estimated on drugstore foundation long time ago especially because i rarely using it on daily basis but on special occasion so i won’t take risk on looking cakey on important event. Time by time the use of foundation is getting higher i even use it daily now in some months. It turn out with different era (era of dupes) many drugstore makeup brand improving their formula and make it way better than before even for my personal opinion they can’t replace my holygrail foundation but they did almost make it and it’s pretty amazing due to the gap of price.

So here i’m making a cut on three fav drugstore foundation on budget :


3. Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth

I used to have the matte one (i see the result is so good on my friend who has oily skin) and it feels so tight on my skin even the complexion is amazing, so i give them a try second time for changing it to dewy smooth series because my skin is normal to dry. At first use i feel it bit powdery when i use it much more than one layer, and it doesn’t blend with the concealer well. But just if you make it slight coverage the result is pretty good, I’m not so sure if i like this foundation or not so i put it here on no 3.



2. Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation

This local brand is really make me proud, actually this foundation is my sister’s whose i borrow to give this a try, i worry for the matt stated on the foundation because i i have unpleasant experience with matt foundation before. As i always do i give them many times to wear before deciding is it good or suit me well or not. For this foundation finally i find a trick to make it look legit on my face and comfortable as well. For your (tend to) dry skin make sure to wear moisturizer before i use LRP Effclar duo before using this and the dry effect on my face just long gone and flawless face remain all day long. So if you consider to have one this brand definitely should make the list.



1. Borjouis Healthy Mix Serum


Stated this is my fav drugstore foundation so far, i love the scent the texture and the result on my face, i don’t need to put any moisturizer and it feels right on my skin. Just right formula for your daily makeup, i use here the old version of foundation i don’t know how the new one will work on me but this one is worth to try. Even when i compare it to my fav lux foundation the coverage is a bit lower but she make it very close with a very big price gap and it is very good for me.



Here are favorite few that i’ve been using for so many times to convince me they are worth recommendation. Don’t judge them too hard because the company must have do many trick to fulfil your need without rob you too much but don’t under estimated them for the price unless sometimes you will get shocked with their surprises. Thanks to dupe and beauty blogger era where good product is not always those with high price tag. Have fun doing your makeup!