Motherhood Journey #2 : Housewife moment

My change begin with a small convo with my friends, sort of this


We are as a well educated woman should give a 6 star service at home. Even my husband who often stay at 5 star hotel said it’s way comfortable at home than at hotel.

Most of the career woman do the household perfunctory. It’s a big mistake or else we will be defeated by them whom not having school properly but care for their home and make it comfortable. You know now that kind of woman haunted every marriage nowaday.


I was so stunned right away. It is a real deal and homework for me to be as good as at home and work at the same time. I remembered already for my resolution back then,


Put My Family First.


Never in mind household work become one of my priority because it usually become my mom’s duty. But now i have to face it, i have my own family now and it’s my duty to fill in the role. I realize now why people said woman is destined to take care of home, not to make them small but to make them realize it is. But nowadays woman have so many opportunity beside stay at home and take care of the family but it means they have to juggle to balance it. So when we decide to take extra role (working, pursuing dream, anything) we need to be ready with the risk of putting extra effort to do it all.

So beside do common thing i do before having family (writing, doing makeup, reading, run business etc) I learn to add skill and adjust for being a wife and mom for my family. I learn every detail from everyone like how to manage groceries, how to cook a little, how to take care of homes (or we can say our room since i haven’t had home. Hope will have it soon. Amin). Starting small and ugly but determine i will grow and become a mother i wish i would be.

I do believe we need a help but the main commando should be on our hands for organizing home. I realize i am changing now and i should, because there’s a man whose become my husband and a baby girl whose call me mom really rely on me. Provide good food and budget friendly for our family to keep the doctor away, it’s must have not expensive but well combined and nutrition full. Changing sheet and blanket every once a month or once in a few weeks, changing towel every week, while still enjoying youtube video and slip a time to have a me time by sheet masking or massage or doing makeup and styling every morning. I have an illustration of how a day of a mother would goes from Diana Rikasari’s blog


Okay i am not wakeup as that early and not doing laundry, change few subject with my own work but the pattern is pretty much the same ( i am a bit self private). It’s amazing to see other’s woman work but once you put yourself on their shoes you’ll have nothing to do except being the best and do it all.

We all grow up don’t we?

Balancing in between self actualization as a woman and all the work we need to fulfill. So cheers woman out there, you are amazing.