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My Private Nail Bar With Itsy

It’s been a while I’m not playing with nails since I married and move to my hometown. There’s no nail bar and salon that provide fancy nail art here, so I guess I’ll be patient with my nail liquor only for a while.

Lately I find new way to beautify your nail right from home, we are being introduce to nail sticker. Actually after I do mini research there are few brand that made nail sticker with various idea and pattern. But perhaps it’s just only about personal interest and like, the one that provide the option that fits me well is just Itsy. Yes you can find it on Instagram, their website and Sociolla. For my first experience with nail sticker I choose to do it with Itsy. Here I show you one of my favorite look with a twist of my style.

Itsy 7-1

I fall in love with this stripe heart pattern instantly after seeing it on their Instagram and order it shortly. Waiting for my “right time” to wear it. I am a moslem so the only time I can do my nails is when I am having my periods (such a precious time haha). The result is pretty amazing as u can see on my post today.

Itsy 4-1


Itsy 3-1

When I begin to put it one by one i have idea to give them some twist by combine them with one of my fav color dusty rose that match their heart dot. All u need to have is scissors (I recommend you to use the thin one like I show you on the picture above) to cut the excess after you measured the sticker to fit your nail size, then u can finish it with the rough buffer inside and finish it with top coat to maka it more neat and “sealed” it.

Itsy 5-1


itsy 2-1

My fist experience with Itsy is quite fun, actually this is not the first time I use it but I learn a lot from my first time using it before and will give you my trick and treat for having this luxury nail wraps perfectly.

  • Do put your sticker by help from someone else because it quite tricky unless you are really good in art which I am not and having bad result at the first time for insist to wrap my nails by myself.
  • Press the sticker gently and make sure they covered whole nails perfectly and not streching because when you cut it too short they will back to actual size automatically and make your nails half covered than before.
  • Cut it with sharp thin scissor because it sticky once you removed the cover
  • Last but not least Have fun and have a great experiment with your nail at home sweetheart.


Itsy 6-1

With Love,