Sweet Good Bye

Before beginn this whole story let’s take a look on where it started HERE, or to make it clear i show you the old pictures when i was accepting this duty.



Now fast forward to the next two years later, where everything has to be ended.



Actually, i have never pictured in my mind i could finished this all. There’s always came times when i felt like to give up, i felt like this is too much for me. Whenever it happened i have no idea how God always send me the right person to got my back and uplift my spirit. They convinced me to believe i could do it, i can make change. So when i eventually end this up i feel like this is surreal, and i couldnt be more proud of myself once.

But…ah before talk about it i’ll give you a peak on how it goes on the date.










































What can i say about this past two years?


It’s not always easy, yes.
But as it said “A great sailor doesn’t come from a quite tide”. There’s a lot of challenge to be answered and many time you need to prove people wrong. As i realize what made me strong is there’s a great team behind me who accepted me for who i am with all the mistakes, the flaw, the drama that would test us non stop. There’s always time when we are feeling tired of everything, feel disrespect after all we’ve been sacrifice to do what we had to do.

And when that kind of time came, give yourself and your team time to heal. Time to help their own shelves before do it for others. Then do it all over again with different fresher spirit. And for their unstoppable support and spirit i felt so grateful to have them along my journey to lead here, to make something, to make a change.

Common question i get for the last 2 years is

Why you want to do this?
What benefit you get from doing this?

Well, actually for the last 29 years I’ve lived in this world, I always ask myself

What have i done for the world?
What will the world be without me?

So I believe that we need to balance our life. As for corporate they have CSR program beside their profit activity i do the same way with my life.This is my kinda CSR, my contribution to society when I do something without paid. Yes no amount money i get from here, and it’s okay for me.

I learn from my Prophet Muhammad that giving such advantages and positivity to the society is the ultimate role of someone’s life. To reach that stage i try my best to pass the value, pass the knowledge and pass the spirit to others and hope they will followed my step be long live learner.

I don’t afraid of other’s Improvement, everyone can be given exact same paper and pencil and they will come out with different result. so I have no reason to be worry since we have our genuine voices that will be our identity.

I compete with the old me to be a better person.

At the end I hope when I’m gone people will miss me for what I’ve done and pass the spirit trough generation that helping and build a better circumstances. It is not an option it is a mandatory for every generation.

Life comes with different circle, it test you, you made mistakes or done it right then you learn from it.

I do too. I learn from many mistakes I’ve done and great things I achieve. And that’s will never stop.
Either as a chief or not i will be forever try to give hope to everyone that everyone can be anything. Just don’t give up till the end.

When i dethroned and pass it to my succesor (as you may seen on my snap gram) there was unexpected scene i never knew they will made. I even had that ugly cry moment with all of those who came (literally i cannot control my face, my reaction and it just did!).

One of them sang the song that i can barely hear because i was so shocked when they ordered me to sit on a chair in the front of the audience and one by one they gave me roses and hug and brought me tears. I never tought after all i did (right or wrong, i am that full of mistakes) they still make me sooooo special and so moved and i can’t hold my tears stream down like a river (thank god the mascara is waterproof and the falsies didn’t take off) we’re just moved by the moment.

I never blame someone to have such strong bond in between some person but that what happened to me never i planned for it or pick the person. We just gathered by the same value same condition same dream that we try to deal and reach and thats why forever with the tittle or not they will always have special place in my heart.

And off course at the end of this story i would have thanked my husband so much that without his permission without his blessing, i wouldn’t be here with all of my improvement as human being. There’s only a few of man who can truly understand his wife’s happiness and love and he’s just being that most supportive loving kindhearted person i could ask to be with me for the rest of my life. This is one of his proof how much he love me for who i am. Because he always knew when i came home i am his wife and Freya’s mom and all i will do is common job i used to do. So for that i would always love him for giving me space in between so many roles i try to fulfill (this one also a tips on how you test your relationship with your boyfie i guess haha).



Pamoka Garut’s Leader time by time in a decade.



Congratulation Isnat for being the new elected chief of Pamoka Garut.

May you prove to be the best version of yourself during your time. May all of your great vision and future work would bring new atmosphere and improvement to Paguyuban and be a shining symbol of everything good that Paguyuban Mojang Jajaja Garut stand for.




At the end i never knew is it enough, is it really change. But one thing for sure, me and my team have given 1000 % of what we had to our home that we hope it is good enough to keep the spirit alive.

Only the one with great responsibilty who can do so much job without any dust left. And I try to be.

So thank you Pamoka Garut for amazing two years, see you in another journey. Wish you best luck with your new chief as i knew you’ll have more amazing year ahead.


Venue :

Kampung Sampireun Resort and Spa

Jln Raya Samarang Desa Sukakarya Garut West Java Indonesia Reservation : 0262 542393 / 081323007130 E : [email protected]


Love, Ambu