Eye to Eye

If you are keep up with my snapgram you must notice i have trouble with my eyesight lately. It started on a sunny sunday where i feel my eyes itchy wether i wear no soft lense the whole day and get poignant as i try to get rid of it by scrub it a bit. But despite the poignant get lose my eyesight get blurry. I assume it probably come from the iritation from using softlens too often so for the next few days i stop using softlenses and using my prescription spectacles for the whole next two weeks.


I usually do many job in front of screen (for some cases with neverending task) like answering all the message, coordinating many jobs from far away and writing for blog. During my “healing treatment” sometimes my eyes get blurry for no reason after i work in front of screen for a while and it really bother me. So after doing my very own treatment with eye drop for a while because i have no chance to go for the absence of my employees so i am glue to my chair. I planned to meet my opthalmologist, the infamous dr. Lakshmi T. Boesoirie (i have no sponsored from her seriously). I ever underestimate the measurement of minus for eyes and turn out the effect is not that nice. So even for something look like easy peasy please go check to the one who details on their work. And dr Laksmi is one of the best.


I checked my “bolor” to find out what’s going wrong, i was afraid she will mad at me when find out my irritation. I feel like i meet my mom everytime go to check my eyes with her haha. Well after several check alhamdulilah the irritation is gone so the measurement can be done that day. Oh and tips for you who will check your eyes do not use softens at least one day before measurement so your eyes would be on her best performa not tiring of using lens and if you have any itchy or irritation doctor will cure it first before measure your eyesight, that’s what i learn from her.


Long story short i’ve done my check and the result pretty much…yeah i don’t like to admit my minus and cylinders are increase pretty high. I haven’t check for two years since last time i visit her so it’s pretty much make sense even tough no one want to increase the numbers in her eyes. I also need to go check my new prescription spectacle with her (if i have chang it) to see is my spectacle fulfill my need to help my eyesight better. Yep she’s as that detail on eyes moreover on other cases.

So for couple of time i decide to….


Love my eyes
Before i get lates irritation few months ago i have new perspective (when have another irritation duh you can read it here) that i need to stop wearing unsafety lens and love my true colors. It start from when i am friend with the official of Puteri Indonesia Jabar (halo cam!) and he said every Puteri doesn’t allowed to wear any colored lens during photoshoot and daily, because the foundation want to show up to the world the real Indonesian beauty. I really stunt by the point and think about it every time. Does this colored lens is the hidden statement that i have insecurity with my eye color? I even notice few beauties around hollywood have that dark brown eyes (name it Emily Ratajowsky and Kardashian Klan) but still they look oh so fab and beauty and foremost my personal point i have my dad eyes.


Love my spectacle
I used to spoiled myself by pick my eyeglasses from the genuine certain brand at optic. I only have two for entire my life since remember one from Furla and one from Swarovsky and the rest is been donate or given to those who need more. I buy them not to show some social approvement or spend money (no honey i am not part of Cendana family) i just wish perhaps i could love and take care of them more if i buy them this way. I have that insecurities from my youth back then when i feel so ugly with prescription spectacle. Hope this help me (suggestion) and also I try to find another trick to convince myself i look good on them by try several makeup look that look best with spectacles, and all i can say i still in process to find out.



Still give a chance for soft lens a try
Even tough i try to use any softlenses much less than before but there are few events i still think i can’t wear spectacles. So i try to convert to a much more save brand based on me, actually my eyes pretty sensitive related to soft lenses few brand that okay with me is Freshlook, Freshkon and Acuvue they have a bit pricey but i can say they are more safe. Even acuvue has daily lens that has much more adjustment so i have much more clearer than before.  I change my point of view that i don’t want to take a dangerous consequences towards my eyes because of my sloppy attitude towards the hygine of the lens.



Saving much more money and work harder in case one day i can have Lasik surgery.
One time i see someone doing this procedure is juts when i watch Kim do it In KUWTK (my guilty pleasure haha), every procedure do to our eyes bring more anxiety because the organ that always we hold to calm us by avoiding to see is now should be open to get the cure. This procedure is not promising 100% back to normal, i need to check my condition first every case has different result.  When i am ready mentally and financially to have this kind of surgery i would. But for now i enjoy and learn to love myself especially my eyes.