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Biker Suede

My hometown Garut is well known for its leather center and production. Recently I’m in love with my friend’s work for leather @oryzaleather they have shown up an uplift stage for leather jacket fans especially the young one. When I tell the story to my husband, secretly he buy me one for my birthday so this is my showcase for my late birthday gift haha.

When you check the items it’s really important to know that leather product is quite pricey since the material and process take times and off course high production fee. Off course you can buy another less pricey item with some brand tags like Zara, Topshop and etc, but based on my experience they usually use faux leather to make the item less pricey. When you have faux one don’t get shocked when in few years your jacket would expoliate and you can”t fix it. When you have a genuine one you will have it forever and stay the same ( you can get some repairmen for minor bugs on your jacket). And off course it’s pleasure for me to give support to those young local brand.

On this post I’m bringing up some rebel biker moods and focus on making my jacket be the star. Just add a neutral color shirt (stripes or just plain) and jeans and a shoes (boots is well recommended but this time I can’t find mine so here’s my fav platform ever).

So have you ever have your very own fav jacket?



























Scarf : Jenahara
Top : Mango
Jacket : @oryzaleather
Shoes : Charlotte Olympia

PAR : @pfailsans @pujifn