Rattan Hat

Statement On Your Shirt

Jadi entah kenapa beberapa minggu terakhir saya lagi jatuh hati sama namanya t-shirt, tapi buat hijabi kayaknya sering jadi bagian patah hati saat suka satu t shirt (tangan pendek) tapi kayaknya gak maksimal kalau dipake karena jatohnya kita pasti mengandalkan blazer atau luaran untuk menutup bagian lengan. Tapi kali ini saya pengen eksplorasi t shirt, […]

Biker Suede

My hometown Garut is well known for its leather center and production. Recently I’m in love with my friend’s work for leather @oryzaleather they have shown up an uplift stage for leather jacket fans especially the young one. When I tell the story to my husband, secretly he buy me one for my birthday so […]

White Edgy

I’m in love with white shirt. It’s a must have basic that easily can paired up with almost anything. But I can’t find the right shape of white shirt I want from my collection. Then I end up opening my husband closet and find a treasure to wear. For you who love that slouchy accent […]