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Top 5 Fashion Post From 2017

It’s new day in 2018 but there’s nothing wrong in taking a moment to look back on wonderful year we’ve been trough. We have round up your favorite look among all fashion post i make in 2017. It’s eventually fun to play dress up and serve you look that may be your references. I am new in this field but very grateful on how much love and support i receive. So before begin our new journey in 2018 here are some for you excitement



5. Silver Lining

Bomber is a smashing item in 2017 thanks to KenGi (Kendall and Gigi) who make it cooler than before. There’s a very wide range option in color model and how to style the bomber and my first bomber would be this alien color that put your vote on number five. Enjoy the nostalgic moment, should we re-embrace the bomber once more this year?




4. White Ball


It’s funny how sometimes idea stream like a waterfall, this post would be one of my favorite impromptu shoot during my trip attending the Launch of Coco Mine. It’s that mid pleats skirt era and i think it proper enough to made appearance in formal occasion. And luckily the hotel is just soo beautiful that fit our white theme dress code perfectly. See it for yourself once again.



3. Lovely Afternoon

ZARA has been massively invaded with their pair cute pattern collection, and i am here one of their victim and you like it better. Till this early year the hits of this kinda outer is still have high demanding weather wear it like blazer or long outer, full pattern (top and pants) or just half pattern (choose in between).



2. Scarf and Hat

Hat and straw make a big hits lately, they creeping over bag with that round shape everywhere by everyone. And hat has been modify to be worn lately. So what’s kind of hat should i adopt next year? See it for yourself.


1.Half Boyish

It’s both item mixed in one look smashing bomber and that mid pleats. Actually this look can be much more boyish by wearing sneakers or you can keep it feminine by still adding heels. I am very surprise on how much love you pour me for this look. Thank you guys and this is the top of your choices.



Fashion is evolving for sure, there’s tremendous style who has been seen long time before and make it again on it second appearance as trends. Whatever i do with my style here i want you to know and love yourself more. Love your own skin is the ultimate beauty weapon a woman could wear.

Ready for 2018 journey?Let the game begin…