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Leaving A Very Long Road Behind

I don’t know if it’s only me or everyone around feel the same. I feel like 365 days flies nowhere and i am here start to facing another year bounce : 2018. Every end of the year i have an excitement because my birthday is on January so it’s means i have excuse to spoil myself (once in a while) soon, sad thing is every time i reflect on how i spend those days back then. When i was younger another year mean celebration on the 31st December blowing that sparkly trumpet around with friends or do BBQ with family and friends plus having firework (try to find the giant one).

More year come i learn more lesson build me. No i don’t mean doing such thing is wasted, everybody has their ages, has their process and we need to pass it trough to be ourshelve today. What i learn in 2017…


1. LET GO of things behind and learn.

What sucks about life is they teach you hard, every lesson come with the price. In bussiness you learn to be strong and being more careful by being loss a big amount of money or had failing. In love you learn to be loyal by having betrayal. The price is bitter and expensive so you wont forget and learn. You need to learn and let it go at the same time. Forgive yourself, she/he is learning and never stop to adjust. Let the flaw be the beautiful mark on your journey that make you remember you’ve done your best and still fighting without lose any enthusiasm.


2. STOP to make yourself SMALL

Watch this inspiring interview here. In her first column as contributing editor of Vogue, Adwoa Aboah explains why sharing our stories can have powerful results. The model, activist and Gurls Talk founder joins Dr Lauren Hazzouri – a licensed psychologist, founder of The Practice and partner of Gurls Talk – in conversation. Best part i love is here

“What is the one thing you would tell your teenage self or your 20-year-old-self?”


“Don’t make yourself small. You know fitting in is gross, There’s no reason to fit in. You know just virtue of that phrase, fit in, means that you have to kind of morph in a way in order to do it. And i was so worried about being liked and being accepted that i made myself small in order to do it. When all i had to do is stand up and be Me.”





They look alike because they are just the same and you are different. Maybe that’s the way God make your way to success by being stand up among the crowd.



3. Have a BETTER Spiritual Relationship

Once someone ever told me,

When you want something in your life, in this world stop chasing them. Get close to the owner of everything and ask for it.

I have no idea what’s your religion is but i encourage you to be peace with your spiritual self. Few days ago  i was shocked to find out how someone like Angelina Jolie with her “perfect” life say about her life : MISERABLE. Indeed happiness is a state of mind, you may have much more less than other and still feel happy, calm and stress free. Seek the true meaning of your life, we only have one life to be living make it count. I just hope to have a better worship activity start from small thing like as a moslem i want to do my pray on time and have no absence and from that i hope i can move to something bigger for Me not anyone else.


4. Family come first

Along the year i always have that nanny issue till the point where me and husband feel like we are give up and start to do all things together with or without helper. First few month it feels hard i find a lot of ways to adjust and find the balance and at the end i believe our family come first. So put that phone away when you are with them, so many person pray to have your moment, a family like yours. When you have it keep it close and tight.


5. Healthier life

I used to have that body image shaming all the time so my mind is always focused on being slim, even now after all the years I’ve been trough still i have that fat worry in my mind. Even when my husband or family pursue me to have a way more tone body i am worry to have wrong method that will bring back that fat side of me. Words is much more worse than anything in this world that’s why they have amazing effect on everyone. Speak good or keep remain silent. Joke and Bully is slightly different moreover when you are joking about someone appearance. There’s no benefit on laughing someone else flaw, when you say someone’s else ugly it not make you prettier (watch Mean Girls gal haha).

Moreover now i am more concern about my health, if we think all those horrible disease is far away from us think twice. Just two weeks ago a friend of mine admit she has breast cancer and need to do surgery soon even tough she’s still breastfeeding her son. My friend’s mom pass away for having a cervical cancer, my friend’s daughter born with heart abnormalities. Being healthy is expensive so i want to be a healthier start today now. At least i have to drink a LOT of water, eat good, do small exercise and love my body and self.


6. Financial Fix

All my youth era is spend on things i don’t need but i like, mention it bag, shoes, clothes makeup. I see our financial concern is very low, it’s no need to have such concern after you are married. sooner the better. You can’t always rely on your parent whether they are millionaire, it’s about yourself how you educate your financial life. I am find that instagram account that like saying it’s okay to be broke to have many lipstick and many wrong idea about life. It also talk about focus on doing your project and business, focused on being productive instead of being consumptive. Lifestyle is unequal with revenue, so be careful in it.

Financial fix mean you enjoy your life as well as you build your future plan. I am happy to have my sister as my financial planner, she always taught me there’s always different planning on each person depend on what purpose you want to solve or reach. Don’t wait until you are broke or down to have your financial help. Start now at any ages at any time.


Read holy Quran everyday, read a book at least one a month. Read anything good to your soul, or make someone else read it to you by watching a good quality television channel or youtube that enlarge your knowledge, encourage you, and make yourself way more positive.

Despite all the plan, the lesson the word we put in ourselves.

Ask yourself what you want to do with your life?

What you want to leave to this world?

Do what make you happy, enjoy your life to the fullest. Even freedom has it own price, make the deal count.