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Life In Bar Of Chocolate

No joke!

Long time ago i was captivated by a giant piece of chocolate on my way to Bandung. It’s look yummy from far away and i just wish i can bring it home but nope it’s too big.

Few weeks ago on a sunny sunday i was invited to grand launching of “Chocodot World : Magical Chocodot Experience” by a very kind eldest brother in Paguyuban Mojang Jajaka Garut. He is a very creative, successful and productive entrepreneur and me get surprised every time like sometimes i wonder when will he ever slow for a while with all of his innovation?nope he’s unstopable. And guess what where i end up that day?










Turns out that huge chocolate bar that i always passing by is a museum built by PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia as the summary of their journey in 8 years and counting built their empire and their dedication to local tourism. Inside you can feel the mixture of tradisional vibe wrap up on modern touch. This is the first time for me as a local to find modern place to be shown to my friend whom visit and get very excited when this one open. Like when you go to Jogja you can show them De Mata well when you come by to my hometown Garut I can show you this museum for sure. I have a lot of fun inside, so many spot to be captured on photos and many yummy snack and also education about Garut and chocolate as identity of this company.

Once again congratulation for the Grand Opening Mr Kiki Gumelar, it’s such honor to be part of the first guest to visit this beautiful place.

And guys welcome to magical places, enjoy!

P.S don’t forget to bring your camera or you’ll end up regret it. Told y’a