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Family Vacation

Vacation is once a million time to come in my family dictionary, we have our strict rule in doing our business : never left them unless it’s really important. And vacation is not consider as important most of the time in our dictionry. So when there’s a time we have one same day to spend together it’s really precious to be true.

Few weeks ago we have our nephew tie the knot and the wedding hold in Setiabudi Bandung,we thought it would be such great idea to visit some places after. We even book rooms before so we won’t feel so exhausted to spend the rest of the day. Me and my sister who has the job to decide which hotel to stay, and we must say we made a terrible mistake this time, even tough the hotel is very near with resonable price but it’s…….spooky (sorry all hehe).

Me and my little family arrived about three or four in the morning (the rest of the family has gone earlier and spend night in Bandung) because i need to attend the Grand Final of Mojang Jajaka Kabupaten Garut 2017 before actually can go. The ceremony end at two in the morning so it’s miracle we can get the hotel by three (or my husband step on the gass too deep so the car is flying low instead of touch the ground while i fall asleep accidentally ._________. ).

Long story short the next morning after our room being invaded by my mom and niece and almost all my family member we totally wake up and dress up (with half concious because the rest is still flying in a dreaming world) i do my makeup and get dressed as well as my husband and directly check out the hotel. I previously said i will catch them after take extra nap for a while but they invaded my room first before check my message on family wa group later, so few hours nap may be my battery that day.

After we say good bye to our other big family member on wedding venue then we decide to go to somewhere fun, somewhere children friendly somewhere where we could spend our quality time together and it is….


Floating Market Bandung!



Well oke don’t expect too much when you read my travel diary because i am rarely going anywhere unfortunately haha. So after changing into some more comfortable outfit (we can’t go there with our dress on especially mine) we directly go to the place, it took few minutes to arrive.

And we do not pick it wrong, my baby and the rest of the kids is enjoying Floating Market as much as the parents do. It’s affordable and children friendly and give you an eyegasm scenery with the touch of fresh air. I couldn’t ask more. We enjoy walking around play with goose, chicken, rabbit and sheep.

My daughter and my niece even enter the sheep area and run widely as the sheep walking behind them seeking some carrot to eat. It’s laughtearing actually to see them (sorry kids haha). In short amount of time we did enjoy everything there even my daughter sleep while we take water train until we get out of the place and stop by nearest mosque to do pray.

And of course i don’t miss my chance to take some photos and ootd there. Some moments are always worth to captured on the photos. Here are some, enjoy.














See you on another family vacation.