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Eid Adha

Eid Adha is one of big celebration for moslem family. For each and every moslem doing Haji is one of their bucket list (so do i off course) I just pray next year when god still give me time to live on his world i would have the opportunity to share many great story to you all for having such a spiritual journey. For those who are not doing Haji we are have the opportunity to do Shaum Sunnah a day before (Puasa Arafah) and sacrifice big animal the next day.

There’s a big lesson behind the beginning of the story why we are should do sacrifice that day (for those who capable), In short word  I always remember this sentence

It is enough for us to understand the sincerity of Hajar by saw her silence when Ibrahim left. And enough for us to understand the devotion of Ibrahim by her obedient to slaughter Ismail.-Dewo Pakde

It become our code, our reflection in our process to keep our devotion. Not every task or order is pleasant to be done but at the end God know best.

This year alhamdulilah i have the opportunity to do annual animal slaughter, the process is kinda the same every year how i gathered all the money to buy the cow thanks for my big sister, brother and mother help (with different story of course) if you want to know please check my last year post here.

Since Eid adha is kinda different with Eid Fitri (I have to change to my simpler outfit because I manage my own qurban with my own) i wear simplier outfit.This tunic is inspired by Vivy Yusof (of course haha) i end up buying another Schmiley mo product the next day for their quirky design and Diana Rikasari signature style. Well, for me having this tunic is light but so chic, i rarely collect salmon color dress but this one is exceptional. Paired it with inner dress that never been use from my Malala Kaftan (see the usefull of put your basic together?) you could also paired it with pants or cullotes.

Well Happy Eid Adha everyone.

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Tunic – Schmiley mo via Fashion Valet
Inner Dress – Malala Kaftan Inner 
Sunglass – VB 
Bag – Furla Candy Bag

Captured by Shofwan