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In the spirit of independence day of Indonesia, I would like to share some value that i think too precious to not share with people.

Everybody can be success in their very own way, we can’t compare someone’s journey to another. We have our spot to shine as long as we can find it by knowing ourselves.

One things i love the most and keep me motivated is reading someone’s else blog. I feel like it’s genuine, like read your friend’s journal or having small talk about random things. Many times In late night when i find myself hard to go back to sleep (mom’s problem) im stuck with some blog and admire their skill of writing. How they keep things in line, protect their privacy while sharing many simple things in their life that fun to read or skill they really good in. I am a person who enjoy read much than watch.

I have huge crush on few author and influencer (Diana Rikasari, Alodita, Anastasia Siantar, Vivy Yusof, Nicoline Patricia, Dinda Puspitasari, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni and the list is still adding), they have very different personality, and style but they have on thing in common. They are very passionate about what they do and persistence in do it year by year build their brand from zero to hero. And one thing for sure they have strong voice to speak up about what in their mind with their authenticity.

Voice of young generation.



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Actually this is happen on every kind of business, every dream that we wish to be true. There’s no shortcut to success, it will always require sacrifice, tears  that we need to overcome. Once you can take it you’ll a step closer to your dream. In the nation where only 1 out of 10 who really read and write i wanna be that one girl. Not one in a million but a million in one.

Read more. Write more. Do More.

Absorb like a sponge. I always encourage people to do whatever they do. Do something that your-10-years-later-self will thank you for do.  Start it up.

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I know not everyone like to write or read like me (silly nerd trap in a mother’s body). You can do much more things if we have different interest. When you have load amount of time. Do anything that will level you up. It’s ok to have different hobby like no others. Why you have to blend in when you can stand out?

Watching tutorial.

Make your very own youtube channel.

Do your own makeup.

Cook new recipe.

Read bunch of book.


Set your mini online shopping.

Take a course.

Learn another language.

Even a pro was once amateur.

Your dream perhaps still long way to go but a small step make it closer to you. Who know what’s tomorrow will bring you. So keep believing in yourself.

Don’t let one second gone of waste.


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You are beyond what people say about you. You have your own mantra to be success.

Wake up and do whatever to bring your imagination come to life, or else someone else will.

Happy Independence Day Indonesia. Berkarya untuk Negeri.