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My Travel Diary : Seaworld Indonesia

This is Freya’s first trip due to her birthday bass, we both decide that for her age it’s better to go somewhere she loves than having celebration as usual (this is our opinion). So because this is our first trip with baby we want to give it a try to nearest spot because Freya never been include into long trip before. Since she loves Dory very much, we agree to take her to Seaworld Indonesia to interact with many sea creature include her fav fish Dory. We go without helper so yes it’s only three of us managing on having great picture, enjoying our trip and babysit our baby daughter who turning two that days, you can see my husband carrying my daughter’s Sofia bag haha.








We have such wonderfull time in Seaworld and really excited seeing Freya enjoying the infamous giant aquarium and touching few baby sea animal. I know holiday is coming perfect  for family time so I give you some tips and trick during my travel with baby to Sea World.

  • If you want to enjoy the place without that much crowd I suggest you to go on weekday or non high season. But if you are have no choice just be patient and enjoy the journey. What matter the most is you are with your beloved ones going to great place.


  • Use Waze to find you alternate route to avoid traffic, like no other app waze is can be trusted and I experience that. On this trip my husband drive alone all the way and he have no idea about Jakarta route so we really depend on waze. Thanks god we always get to our destination with less traffic, going earlier if you know the place you wanna go is quite far as well to enjoy the place longer.


  • When you go with baby (I haven’t go with kids) make sure the milk, toys, fav book, snack is in the place where you can easily grab it. Long journey may make them cranky because of boring, so distract them with their fav stuff. And also bring essential medicine whenever you go, like paracetamol, stomachache med,laxative, young and living oil , bye bye fever. At the end of the day after you enjoy whole day enjoying the recreation place give your baby  paracetamol or always rub her chest, stomach with essential oil to avoiding them getting sick because of overtiring.


  • Check website or their call center. You will know special promo that happen that time so you can save some money by using it. On my visit there were two promo held first happy mom promo which every mom has 50% ticket sale but you have to bring some document to verify in information section, and bundle 4 which you can purchase only Rp 300.000 on Alfamart or Indomaret outside Seaworld Area (normal price is Rp 80.000/ticket)


  • Always check travel blog or ask the experience from friend or relatives who’s ever going there recently so the info would be updated. By reading or knowing other’s experiment you can create “itinerary” to enjoy Seaworld much effective. Sea world has their display aquarium and also feeding time so you can see another fish behaviour when they hunt food. Here I share you my schedule in Seaworld.
  • 12.00 Arrive at Ancol
    12.15 Arrive at Sea World, having lunch at food court and pray makan siang di food court
    13.00 feeding show kolam arapaima
    13.30 feeding show touchpool
    14.00 feeding main aquarium
    14.30 enjoy tunnel main aquarium
    15.00 feeding time shark aquarium
    15.30 go out of area, buying some souvenir


Last but not least enjoy every moment and captured it. That’s what I can share hope you enjoy your quality time with family.