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New Outfit From Old Collection

I dont know it is because of the age or my hidden love for Indonesian textile, lately i am so obsessed with Kain dan kebaya. But not that oh so fancy kebaya with blink but those with modest beauty but richfull meaning by long process.

As you know i have my dethroned moment in Last February, never have in mind to capture this combination in special occasion because this is purely unplanned outfit i use. But just because you all give such huge credit toward it and ask me to speak on detail about it well here you go again. Just so sorry for that blurry pictures this is the best i can save because on the day i am too nervous even not think to take ootd moment outside, even the venue area offer you amazing scenery and vibes. Oh wish i could make it again haha…


Well, my suggest here always invest in BASIC, all things i use here is old purchase. If you are carefully notice the top is from Baju kurung i wear in Raya last year just with the scarf but with different style i use malaysian style here which is not practical actually but i insist to do it hahaha. I match it with my old collection of Kain given by my mother in law in hantaran, i have no opportunity to wear it so i think this is the right time to live it up.

And here’s the result…



I am so flattered by all your sweet message about my outfit that day. It really bring me tears since all i do just pull out what’s in my wardrobe but Alhamdulilah it went well. Turns out to have new outfit is not always about buying something new, sometimes it is just about bringing something new in the way we wear them. Have fun playing with your wardrobe dear!.


Top : Alia B via Fashion Valet
Scarf : Odette
Kain : Local Batik Garutan Workshop 

Captured by : Ashry R Rabani