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Reinventing my direction

I’ve been asked myself for several thousands time what i really want my blog to be.

Meet my new muse Vivy Yusof (and her blog too proudduck ), she’s just two years apart from me but has been done zillion amazing things in her life make me want to buried myself in shame of “where the hell you are going yes?”

Fact i have real doubt, i love to write as much as i like fashion and styling itself.

I always have that concern do I need to start writing (again) or just stick with these kind of fashion blogger thingy that not much needed words to describe.

Don’t get me wrong i do love both and doing only one just like killing my brain and creativity in which glare joys in my mind.

So should i start writing?

I perhaps in the middle of phase of I don’t care. Why so serious about this thing? When you are genuinely being you the energy will come naturally. I am the one who always think of other’s comfort besides mine and it’s not really good in certain creative process because you are not 100% you.

One of biggest hijabi blogger have ever said

Blogging and social media is a challenging area, there’s no certain formula how someone can be successful. One formula perhaps could be very effective on someone but it doesn’t guarantee it will work on you. so just keep doing what you love.

Back and forth this my blog, my land, my territory  I can try different type of way and when things don’t get along we can start from somewhere different and look how it goes.

I have ever read a fashion magazine editor ever wrote this line

Bahkan seseorang yang belum terbukti memiliki prestasi, diberi predikat influencer hanya karena memiliki followers jauh lebih banyak dari seorang presiden.

Darn, It punch me, life is not always about gathering follower and do some endorsement. Yes it does matter but not the main things. We have more to go than that. I have ever get the situation where my community want to rely on some “influencer’ with thousands follower but then we rethink again when someone ask us

“who is she/he?what have she/ he done?”

we suddenly silent while think soooo hard (that eventually we cancel the plan) to answer it *end of story.

Well then when now I being put in this situation where people might think what I really do with all those photo traveling around the world (which I am rarely do actually) or bunch of photos showing her stuff? What value do I really share?

I want to have moment to speak clear and fluent about what I do with my social media game and blog.

Enjoy my virtual diary and styling game.