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Tie it up

Hai there, long time no see!

After take a break for few weeks to figure out several things finally I am back to share you what i love the most : styling. Actually this is an old shoot I took few months ago due to hectic schedule and project I am doing this recent time and few crisis (will tell you later perhaps on next blogpost).

I don’t know why but my wardrobe is mixture of black and white and nude and white again black again, never bored with those colors so please forgive me for serving you my fav colors. If there is a darker color than black or brighter colors than white I might change my mind one day haha.

Well move aside that colors let’s talk about wide sleeves or bell sleeves that has been huge lately, wether it put on top or even tip of pants. Well this time I have this bell pants that I mix with none other white slouchy shirt and add a statement by a tie shawl to make it different. You can add classic hat to make it way chic, when you have a classic combo don’t forget to pop a bit with shoes. Enjoy.









 Shirt : No Brand
Pants : Kedja
Shoes : Pigalle Studd 

Captured by : Yadie Widjaya