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Silver Shoes Hues

I have that love at first sight with this shoes.

Actually I’m a kinda high heels person or going flat instead. But I have no idea with this shoes, I buy it in a hurry and glad it has flagship in Bandung.  For young mama who need comfort and style this shoes is a must have item. I choose silver for it robe my heart at the first place. Silver easy to pair up with whatever color, and here I suit it up with my floral pants

They have original idea in every shoes they made not try to be that luxury shoes copycat but surely fits today fashion movement. Suddenly I’m in love with all of their shoes collection and for sure will be back for another purchase.

Here they are Staccato.



Bonus me with my daughter as she can’t stop running around when I’m working.

Pants : Sister Boutique Bandung
Shoes : Staccato

Photos by : @yadiewijaya



*This is my personal tought, I have no agreement with Staccato