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The Beauty of Making

So sorry for lack of updating my blog and social media feed, i just have small time in between so many crazy deadline that sometimes i only reach snap gram to express my feeling. Recently i am so overwhelmed by the new project i’ve been involved with, making my dream come true. Turns out making your dream into reality is not that easy. I’ve been trough dozen of trial and error just in order to have one point right and my checklist have so many point to fulfill.

But then i always remember someone ever told me

“it’s easier to do it step by step rather than just think about it”

So i focused on finish every step i need to reach my destination, when i feel like tired it’s ok to take some rest and continue it the other day.

I have also acknowledge with new perspective about appreciate other’s work. Something even look so small must be required so much energy.

Focus on being productive being positive that at the end i have something i can be proud of to myself.

I brave and strong enough to follow my dream, and the rest will follow.