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A day at Kidzoona

I’m not lying when i say a day, because my daughter literally run around this playground for hours that day. It start when everyone (naaaah i mean every mom in town) posting and talking about this new mall in Bandung. And one of the biggest crush is its playground that offer you so many new concept and wider places. Perhaps this kind playground has been famous in other cities but this is the first time in Bandung (or i am not mingle in the right place am I?).

Well one day when i have that opportunity to visit this place with my lil family i have that warm feeling and wish oh my i wish this place come also in Garut please haha. This place have several section each section has their employee that walk around to make sure the safety of the kids that play there and keep organize mess that we make there. This the first time i see so many person in a playground around.

Second thing that make me happy is there’s a cabinet with key to put our stuff (i feel honored and helped. why they not make it in every playground whyyyyyyy) and foremost what make me amaze is there is even a corner to us who assist the kid to eat and drink. You know the dilemma when we go just two with husband with no nanny and confuse when we are hungry but our daughter can’t wait to play. So thaaaaank you kidzoona for being really understanding.

Well if you are curious how we spend our day there, check this out.









*my sushi from Chef Freya*






















What i always forget when go to playground is bringing sock then end up buying one every time. I have a dozen at home now LOL



*This never stop fix the mess our kids made mba*


*Dining corner that almost make me cry hahaha*


*Locker for your stuff*




For every memory made with our kids. Have fun!

23 Paskal Shopping Mall 
Jalan Pasir Kaliki no 25-27 Kebon Jeruk, Andir Bandung