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Thavia the Label

This is my first impression of this Malaysian brand, I used to eyeing this brand quite a lot and fall in love for this peace right away. At the same time the trend of cross kinda top is over the top, since the vibe is quite sexy for me as hijabi we need extra attention to move it into fashionably approval for hijabi. And for me this top speak the fashion language rather than sexy.

Lucky me i have chance to buy this top with a LOT of discount *smirk. When the top is arrive once you see and touch it you can tell yourself “Yeah, i understand why this brand has their price quite high because their fabric is premium and look expensive without you tell its like speak for itself”.

So one afternoon i have my milk tea time around Dago and accidentally we are matching each other (my outfit and the place) LOL so i snapped few picture and voila represent to you at this blog. Will definitely go back to adopt a lot more from thavia.











Top – Thavia The Label via Fashion Valet
Spectacle – Favela 
 Bag – Givenchy Antigona
Wedges Sandals – Rotelli

Captured by Le Husband