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Birthday Party

Few weeks ago my nephew throwing his 3rd birthday and alhamdulilah finally me and Freya on both fit condition and can go. Usually most of the time i skip few invitation for my kid for many reason so when i can make it feels like so huge for me. I go with my elder sister by her car, quite small for 3 adults, 3 toddler and 1 baby but we can fit in with enough space after reducing two person my nanny and my sister nanny.

Since early in the morning Freya can’t calm down even just to take her usual nap. I even have to insist her to take short nap when we get into the car. Long story short we arrive at the birthday venue, there have been few of our other family and my cousin’s friends already sit down. My daughter has just waken up and when she arrive she has that bit rigid attitude while analizing the situation. I’m just too afraid she will get cranky because having lack of sleep that day. There are other few toddler around but she act cool like i am here with my mom so dont bother me kay? Or perhaps its preface untill she feel comfortable and turn into ball of joy.

I pursue her to go in front so she can watch the clown performances clearer and blend with other kids there. When we try to go front she realize there is slide (perosotoan) around that being played by other baby boy, she directly walk into it and play it over and over and over and over and over and over……

Blame her dad for not taking her to playground too long.


She keep play that slide until i miss every chance to take photo (photo with other family member, with my niece clique, ootd. any chance) and almost skip meal until fortunately my other sister nanny who go with us don’t mind to feed her and watch her with that beloved slide while i feed myself on table.


Bring three years old kid without any helper is like bring unstopable battery. Me run around just to check her not hurt herself after sliding, even tough there’s my niece’s nanny still i find that guilt how if people think “how bad is this mom take photos and let her daughter alone? Or how can she eat while her daughter play around like ball”

Oh and i go without help but with my 7cms fur heels because i cant find flat that suit my pants.
Oh that pants. Pants that i try to captured trough photos but end up….have no ootd photos. Whereas i try to have simple cool outfit because it’s toddler bday yesi, dont overdress.

At first i tell myself to be cool with my heels, imagine to be that cool mom who can lift her kids and walk confidently in heels. But no its worst scenario i ever been, i am not that model mom sadly haha. The heels limit my movement because the area is bit slippery and much descending and upfront area so i struggle along the day while i need to swipe Freya’s nose all the time because she still have cold. And also my sister left me to go to the nearer mosque so i have to walk a bit to catch her (again with my heels on) trough the stone.  And suddenly everything when hotter than it was. Or is that everytime we try to handle our kid everything feel hotter? literally hot so you sweat more.

So what i feel about going to birthday party with toddler this time? Despite after pain in my leg, all the sweat from the heat i feel extremely fun and challenging.

Juggling in between look after my baby well and get myself please and comfort. Eventough perhaps i lose chance to have my ootd captured or socialize well with other guest and friend and family at least i can and ai try to give her best memory (if she remember) enjoying meet other kids, play untill she’s wet of sweat. And foremost i can meet up beloved family and friends around.

And most of all learn to be a better mom and woman each and every time.

Happy birthday keanu thank you for inviting us.




Love, Freya and mama Freya