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Scarf and Hat

I swear by, first blogger wear this kind of hat is Anastasia Sinter before anyone else adopt it, i even start to look for the similar hat at any seller provide that kind of hat wether i still gambling wether it will look good on me or obviously ridiculous, because we can’t hide the hair factor that adding the wow feeling. After look everywhere finally i find one with affordable prices i even give them references on the exact model i want.

I have some trouble in adopting hat into my scarf, blend them two is like expecting water to bend with oil different style and adding something onto my head unless it is scarf is tricky. Well after try and error i’ll give you some tips on how to adopt rattan hat into your life.



  1. For you who not wear hijab better to add volume, rattan is really identic with beach hair beach vibe. In the other side for you who wear scarf make sure your scarf is neutral or a bit tone down so it would blend with the rattan material.
  2. Match it with light fabric outfit if you can pick the light color too
  3. if you are wearing hijab avoid bun or your thick hair band. If your hair is long try to bind it downward so you can put your hat properly.
  4. Have fun and strick a pose!







Bow Dress : ani aki id
Rattan hat : Topi Nara


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  1. Islam has laid down guidelines regarding clothes, one of the most important guidelines is to cover the head. With several ways they can cover their heads, the best clothes for such purposes I know is scarf and hijab. However, I think wearing hats over scarf is an Indonesian fashion. Western Muslim females might not like it.

    1. Perhaps it initiate first in Indonesia as u may seen on another Indonesian Moslem women include me. Since style and taste may vary from one another it’s free to adopt it or not. Hope this post help if one day you want to adopt it. Thanks for stop by 🙂

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