Travel Diary


This post is just to remind you that not all the traveling plan will go smooth but we hope so. This travel story begin when we are expecting to spend time at Big Play Area at Dusun Bambu, this is our first stop for the trip back then. We arrived there around noon, we’re just so excited because the area is really big with a lot of beautiful Flower Garden around that bloom perfectly, the playground await us but before all of that we have to fill in our gass by so many delicious food in Food Court. And we are ready to have fun today until…





BIG RAIN ruin all of our plan. Freya even just get into the playground and the rain pour so hard to the ground and wind blow like crazy and fog start to covered the area. We have no more choice but back up and wait in dry area for rain to stop.










And even after hours the rain won’t get any smaller, we have already enjoy anything sold there, i just can’t throw away the chance to enjoy everything they have here. So after big consideration we decide to leave the place and go somewhere else.



Local street artist we found on our way back home.




The kindhearted driver that allow us to stop at our parking area right in front of our car, i hope i don’t make any trouble by posting his kindness.




What i learn for my next trip

  • Always bring any jacket, raincoat, umbrella moreover in wet season (around November to March)  or if you see latest weather show a lot of rain,
  • Always have a B plan, if you are plan to an outdoor area make sure you have any back up plan for place that may can replace first choices.
  • If there are hotel around like in here were the hotel is integrated with the whole area i hope to book the hotel so we can play at the morning enjoying all area before noon when rain usually coming.
  • always always always expect the worse so you want have any bad mood.


Dusun Bambu

Ecotourism Resort located in Bandung

Phone +622282782020

Email & price list : [email protected]

Facebook : Dusun Bambu Resort

For whatever happen even it is according to plan or not, keep think of positivity and try to enjoy every moment. It is not always about place we go but also whom we spend our time at space. See you on our future story.