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Denim and patches. Patches is fulfill our life with joy and expression. Perhaps it’s begin when Gucci put her signature embroidery patch on their iconic bags (dyonisius for sure). By then many street brand especially Zara adapt it and put them on almost everything, and it’s turn out fabulous. You have several option to have this kinda trend, first buy your own patches and put on your old jeans or jacket or shirt or anything you want. Play imaginary like a kindergarten student to express your creativity and have new stuff instantly. Or second one buy the ready to wear one as the brand put the patch for you.

If we talk about that denim jacket, actually I expect to have an oversized one because I’m a fan of loose thingy but sometimes things come unexpectedly. When I order this jacket they arrive with a way mini and cropper than I expect. It gives me several thought to wear this because it quite body fit which I don’t really like. Then i have an idea why don’t we pull it out with some extravagant skirt to make it different. So this iconic skirt is one of my favorite and here’s I mix it up with cropped denim jacket. The jacket tone down the skirt, and the skirt as well balancing the cropped denim. It’s suitable for you to wear in semiformal agenda.

















Denim Jacket : No Brand
Skirt : Sister’s
Shoes : Zara 

Captured by : @shofwaan




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  1. Hi Yesi,

    I also agree that denim without patches is like coffee without sugar. Patches give a panoramic look to your clothes and make it eye-catching. Being a fashionista I use to make new practices with my clothes like patches, boro stitching etc. Keep the good work!


    1. Hi maria thank you for stopping by.
      yes indeed it’s a good way to costumize our own and make it an expression of our vision.

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