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Happy Girl In Amasya

As you may know i visited Turkey last few months, and one city captured my heart the most is Amasya, it’s a city that has calm moment. If Istanbul were Jakarta well Amasya perhaps a bit like Malang or Bandung.  As like other places around Turkey Amasya as well has that rocky theme around and lucky me when Spring came the weather is enjoyable, even still you need your coat and long john for it has been a bit warmer but they still have cold wind blowing around.

Spring serve you best weather to explore and many beautiful flower bloming (almost every place we go even we are sooo excited to see Orange tree just by the road). We stayed at Apple Palace Hotel they serve you best view, you better see their website to proove. We walked around to see King Rock Tomb and Buyuk Aga Madrasah. 

King Rock Tombs consist of totally 21 graves but some of them can arrive at our today. This splendid graveyard also includes secret tunnels, caves and great doors (2 and 3 m in highs).There are found various tombs called as different names such as Great King Tombs, Trinity King Graves and Aynalı Caves which is a kind of graveyard1If in Indonesia we can say it’s like Toraja but with Turkish Style. Another place we visited was Buyuk Aga Madrasah, place for hafidz to learn Al Qur’an Memorization. It’s a peacefull place with many amazing young boys and great architecture.

On my way to go i cant handle myself but snapped few pictures (many for correction) well check out how a happy girl exploring Amasya in a day.

















Captured by my travel buddy Fahla, Leo and Yasqi





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