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White on White at Sephora

Speaking of truth, i planned to write down this post long time ago but postphoned until this minute, due to heavy work schedule i have to done, when everything’s done and time to blog come i accidently sleep exhaustedly and wake up seeing my blog in the next morning undone again and again zzz

But thankfully after long struggle finally can finish this post for you, long time before i got a big no for a white pants, but after i know how much it instanly glam up my look i start to addicted wearing one. Here’s the full look of original version of Hara Pants and Turtle Neck from Haramain.

The set is really suitable for you who has semi formal look to go, when you have that middle stage of coolness effortlessly.

And by the way on this International Woman’s Day beside serving you my latest look when i played at my fav place Sephora, i think many of you need to hear this.

The key of being the best of you is acceptance

When finally you can accept yourself, your flaws your limitation your good and bad, that’s time when miracle start to happen. And perhaps you can be the woman you envision to be.

Who run the world?girls!








Turtle Neck and Hara Pants – Haramain
 Bag – Boyy Boutiqe by Oxblood_fash
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia

Yesi Haerunsia

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  1. teh yesi gemes banget style nya ih..
    cantik kaya syahrini 😍😍
    ini pas event popbela ya teh

    1. hahaha jangan samakan aku sama incess haha iya neng pas kemarin kebetulan. kamu ikut juga?

  2. Salfok sama heels nya..warnanya gold n tinggi banget tuch hihi..pasti dah sering pake high heels nih

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